How to clean your foldable water bottle?

Foldable water bottles have become somewhat very popular. If you don't know what it is - where have you been? ;) No, seriously. A foldable water bottle is an awesome bottle that you can fold up when not in use. Perfect for traveling and on-the-go! If you are one who cares about what goes in to your body and the environment, then you'd want to get a bottle that is BPA free.

BPA (Bisphenil A) is an industrial chemical used in plastics and canned food linings. You can read more about the dangers of BPA here.

Sip N' Go are BPA free foldable bottles that are made in USA. Perfect! So now you've found this awesome and useful bottle, but how do you actually clean it?

Here's my suggestion and this is exactly what I do.

Get one of those baby bottle brushes and the perfect dishwashing liquid for this job is IDOCARE's Summer Citrus. A couple of pumps of the diluted Summer Citrus solution and get that brush in the bottle and just clean away, then rinse. And since Summer Citrus is completely non-toxic, you can rest assured that there will be no chemical residues left in the bottle. Your bottle will be squeaky clean for your next outing. Not just for foldable water bottles, Summer Citrus is great and safe for your baby bottles too!


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A non-toxic cleanser for your dishes, fruits & vegetables

My blueberries and grapes have never been cleaner! That horrible white pesticide layer that can't seem to be washed off no matter how much soaking in water you do, comes off with a snap of your finders with IDOCARE Summer Citrus Dishwashing Liquid. It is simply amazing! All you do is squirt some dishwashing liquid directly onto the fruit in a water bowl and let it soak for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly with fresh water and enjoy! Or if you're anything like me and soaking is not your thing, then just rub the dishwashing liquid onto the fruit just like you're washing a dish! I'm lazy, I know! But not lazy enough to do my best to serve non-toxic food to my family.

Isn't that weird - the first thing that I'm telling you about a dishwashing liquid is that it washes your fruits (and vegetables) and rids them off pesticides? That's not what a dishwashing liquid is supposed to do.......BUT because IDOCARE's dishwashing liquid is made of ingredients that are plant based and is completely non-toxic, you can use it to wash your dishes, baby bottles and teats AND fruits and vegetables. Talk about getting your money's worth!

Even better is that the 500ml bottle of dishwashing liquid is actually so concentrated, you NEED to dilute it down with 5 equal parts of water - that means 500ml of concentrated dishwashing liquid = 2500ml of ready-to-use product. 

As for the grease removing power of this product - does the job for my family & I. Our dishes are left shiny and grease-less every time. If the grill or other dishes are too greasy, I simply use 2 drops of the concentrated product and voila - job done! PLUS, the scent is not your typical boring lemon scent. It's lime - I love limes! They are nice and refreshing and this scent does not seem artificial at all.

Finally, I really do trust this product since it's mom-invented and home grown. Also helps when I know the mummy behind this great product, but rest assured - she's got no idea that I'm writing this......well, maybe after I've posted it.

Thank you, IDOCARE- for such an awesome product!

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Never miss a phone call again!

I am so excited about the latest product that I will be offering on my website! It's the texthookTM - a smartphone holder.

Why would you need a texthookTM, you might wonder?

Imagine this scenario:

You're out with your little baby and you're pushing the stroller along. You hear your phone ringing and you dig frantically into your diaper bag to reach for your phone. By the time you've located your phone, the ringing stops - you've missing a call yet again! You don't know who called because it was a withheld number. You walk around wondering who had just called you - was it just a marketing call from a bank or was it indeed your husband who has forgotten his mobile phone that day and you've been unable to get hold of?

Well, that has happened to me and I've always been horrible in answering phone calls - my family complains all the time! :) I've tried to keep my phone in an accessible area so that I can get to it when it rings, but the only place that I can keep my phone when I am wearing an outfit with no pockets, is the little pocket that is created when the stroller canopy is folded up. However, my darling daughter loves to, very frequently, pull open the canopy and send my phone flipping to the ground. My heart skips a beat as I stumble to the ground to check that my phone is still intact. I admit it - I am addicted to my phone!

That is why I'm so excited about the texthookTM! Finally, there will be a convenient and safe place for me to keep my phone and I will never miss another phone call again - unless of course I keep it on silent mode and don't see the screen light up when it rings.....ummmm...I wonder if there's a product out there for that!

There are so many uses for the texthookTM - hook it onto the handlebars of bicycles so you can easily access your smartphone for cycling apps, use it while on the treadmill and even on the shopping carts in the supermarket. You'll never have to be without your smartphone again!

The texthookTM is on it's way from the USA as I type and I'll let you know when it arrives!
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Traveling with an allergy, especially to peanuts?

Our little girl, Leah had an immediate reaction to peanuts when I first introduced it to her when she was 14 months old. And since subsequent allergic reactions can be more serious and sometimes even fatal, we have kept her well away from all kinds of nuts so far - to be on the safe side. She's now 25 months old and we'll wait for a couple more months before we do a skin prick test at the hospital to see if it was just a one off reaction or if it's something serious - fingers crossed for the former!

Ever since her allergic reaction to peanuts, I have personally stopped consuming peanuts too - which is so hard since my favourite is a sandwich made with a thick layer of smooth creamy peanut butter....the thought of it is just making me drool already! 

Little Leah is so inquisitive about every little thing she picks up from the floors, chairs and tables and loves to pop them in her mouth to taste it, that the thought of flying to the UK on a plane that serves peanuts for snacks made me feel rather anxious. That was one of the main reasons for bringing her car seat along for the plane ride, and thanks to the gogo Kidz Travelmate, it wasn't a nightmare at all.

Since that trip, I wondered how other people who have children who suffer from peanut allergies deal with this situation, especially if their reaction involve anaphylactic shock and require a epipen handy. So I looked around and found a really great solution for them - Nice Seats.

Nice Seats is a seat cover that can go on seats on the plane, trains and even in the cinema. It's made of very comfy cotton material and comes in different shades and designs to suit most individuals. With Nice Seats, you can travel with children who suffer from nut allergies without worrying about them finding bits of peanuts left over from previous passengers and popping them into their mouth. 

Having a clean seat to spend hours on isn't such a dorky idea after all, especially if you think about the many thousands of people who have sat in that very same seat and the kind of stuff they got up to while sitting in that seat. I've seen parents change their baby's diaper on the seat, without a changing mat! That's unhygienic for the baby, and also they are potentially smearing poo on the seat. I've seen people sit with their dirty shoes on the seat - God only knows where those shoes have been and the kind of germs and bacteria they're carrying. I've seen children vomit on the seats too - wasn't pleasant on our noses after that, but think of the poor passenger who is going to sit on that very seat in the next flight....he'll be wondering where that weird smell was coming from - little does he know!

The next time I travel, I'll be using a Nice Seat! Will you?

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Baltic Amber - A tick remedy for dogs

Seriously?! Totally! I was just as surprised as you are right now while reading this. I met a lady today who wanted to purchase the Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces from me - and get this.....she mentioned that she wanted it for her dogs. My first thought was....."OK....maybe it might make great jewelry for dogs since she loves them so much". But she then mentioned that she was looking around for a natural tick remedy for her dogs since she didn't like all the chemicals she was using on them right now to combat the nasty ticks. She read online that unpolished Baltic Amber worn around the dog's neck does the job. Search "Amber Ticks" on Google and you can read about this remedy.

Simply amazing! The wonders of Baltic Amber! And you really do learn something new everyday!

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Flight to the UK from Singapore

Can I say......THANK YOU to gogo Babyz for the gogo Kidz Travelmate! I think the flight would have been a lot worse if we didn't decide to pay for a seat for our 22 month old daughter. 

We flew from Singapore to London, with a stopover in Dubai with Emirates and with the Travelmate, we were able to wheel her carseat through the airport effortlessly, at the same time acting as a stroller for our daughter too. That meant being able to check in our stroller so that we didn't have to hang around after arrival to wait for the stroller to be returned to us before we could proceed to immigration and baggage claim, which was what happened when we travelled to Hong Kong. 

The only thing was since our carseat was a little too wide to be wheeled through the aisle of the plane, we needed to carry it to the seat, but that was the only inconvenience. 

With a familiar place for our daughter to sit in, she managed to fall asleep with minimal fussing. Also, since she's at the age of putting everything she can get her hands on into her mouth, I felt more at ease with her sitting on her own carseat. At least I knew the crumbs on her carseat belonged to her and not someone else. Face it, with thousands and thousands of people sharing that same seat on the plane, dirt does accumulate, no matter how much they claim to clean the seats.

A tip if you are thinking of traveling with a carseat. Don't choose the bulkhead seats since the tables and TV come up from the arm rests. Depending on the carseat that you have, the tables and TV may not be able to pop up completely since the sides of the carseat prevent them from doing so.

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The joys of teething!

My youngest son has just started teething, I reckon. Last week, he started dinging his tongue into his bottom gums and salivating like crazy. It was really funny seeing his mouth covered in bubbles too. With that and  coupled with the fact that he's now four months old, I figured that he's begun the teething process.

I gave it a few days of intense salivating, bubble blowing and funny facial expressions as he dug his tongue into his bottom gums, after which I decided to put on a Baltic Amber teething necklace that I had bought for him when he was 2 months old. After a couple more days, I noticed that he wasn't salivating as much, to the point that no more bubbles appeared around his mouth. Also, he was not digging his tongue as much too. Now, after a week of wearing the teething necklace, there is no more salvation and no more tongue digging too.

Simply amazing!

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gogo Kidz Travelmate in Singapore

I am so terribly excited about the gogo Kidz Travelmate by gogo Babyz! We'll be traveling to the UK with the whole family in less than a months time and we've purchased a seat for our 22 month old daughter. We reckon she needs her car seat to feel comfortable during the long flight since she falls asleep so well in it when we drive around. It will also be a lot safer for her since she'll be all over the place without the car seat.

It would be a nightmare to have to lug the car seat through the airport onto the plane, but with the gogo Kidz Travelmate, I reckon it would make life a lot easier! The gogo Kidz Travelmate is basically a trolley for a car seat. It securely fastens the car set onto the Travelmate so that you can easily convert your car seat into a stroller. Not just perfect for use when you want to bring your car seat onto the plane, but will also be perfect when you don't have a car of your own.

Why would you think of traveling in a taxi with your child without a car seat when you strap your children in car seats when you're driving? Do you trust the taxi drivers more? NO! Of course not! However, lugging around a car seat through town when you're running errands is not something we want to do. Now with the Travelmate, you can strap your child in the car seat while in the taxi and then simply and quickly convert the car seat into a stroller as soon as you arrive at your destination. 

I wished I the Travelmate was available in Singapore when my first child was born back in 2006. Life without a car would have been so much easier! After learning about the Travelmate, I have brought it into Singapore for other parents' convenience. I hope you will take advantage of the great Travelmate to ensure your child's safety when traveling on a taxi or plane!

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Makeup and me

 I have to admit, I'm not your typical kinda girl who enjoys putting makeup. Especially ever since I had children. Getting out the door without any temper tantrums from the kids was my priority.

Why? First of all, I hate removing makeup with removers at the end of the day. So, simply washing my face with my children's soap was the way I did things but that never cleaned the makeup completely off. Streaks of foundation or lipstick could always be found on the towel after drying off. That couldn't have been good for my skin, which is why I rarely put makup on unless it was a truely special occasion like my sister's wedding.

Don't even get my started on eye makeup. Mascara and eye liner always made my eyes feel like they needed to shut for the day. Could have been due to allergies....I don't know. That is why I kept my makeup to just the simple foundation, blusher and lipstick.

Ever since using Suncoat's natural organic cosmetics, I find myself more willing to apply makeup when I go out with the family. Though still not as often as my mum would like me to, but more often than before.

The foundation goes on really smooth and doesn't feel clumpy and dry on the skin after application, which is a really nice feeling. It actually feels like you've got nothing on at all.

The liquid eye liner is natural and sugar-based, which means that instead of synthetic chemicals such as PVP and acrylate copolymers, Suncoat developed natural sugar biopolymers. The applicator is a latex tip, which allows for more defined application. It did take me some practice, since I'm not a person who uses makeup regularly. It goes on very smoothly and dries pretty fast. Though not water-resistant, it is smudge resistant and lasts for a whole day. It washes off with regular facial soap and water, which is the best part for me! Actually, the best part is that my eyes are not irritated by the eye liner at all.

The mascara pretty much has the same qualities as the liquid eye liner and I love using this product!

You really need to try these products from Suncoat to experience the benefits of using natural cosmetics that are kind to your skin.

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Bringing Suncoat to Singapore

 Walking through the isles of Holland Village Shopping Centre, I've always wanted to have a manicure or pedicure. However, the stench of toxic fumes coming from the many salons completely put my off. I constantly walk quickly past, holding my breadth so that I won't be left sneezing and having watery eyes for the rest of the day. Yes, my allergic rhinitis does get in the way a lot!

I was in a mission to find something that I could use to pretty up my nails and be a girlie girl - an experience that I was deprived of for so many years of my life. I scoured the internet and came across Suncoat, which has a wide range of other natural cosmetics that I felt I could benefit from. I didn't do anything about it and that was about a year ago.

When I decided that raising 2 children and having a third one on the way, plus having a full-time home-based job was time consuming enough, I suddenly found myself in a situation where I had the option of doing something that I've always talked about doing - starting my very own online store.

Like a child on Christmas morning, I excitedly contacted Suncoat about bringing their products in to Singapore and after several back and forth emails between Ying, the founder of Suncoat Products and I, Suncoat Products finally arrived in SIngapore! 

Fantastic Find By PuppyMoo was officially launched and that's that really.
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