Makeup and me

 I have to admit, I'm not your typical kinda girl who enjoys putting makeup. Especially ever since I had children. Getting out the door without any temper tantrums from the kids was my priority.

Why? First of all, I hate removing makeup with removers at the end of the day. So, simply washing my face with my children's soap was the way I did things but that never cleaned the makeup completely off. Streaks of foundation or lipstick could always be found on the towel after drying off. That couldn't have been good for my skin, which is why I rarely put makup on unless it was a truely special occasion like my sister's wedding.

Don't even get my started on eye makeup. Mascara and eye liner always made my eyes feel like they needed to shut for the day. Could have been due to allergies....I don't know. That is why I kept my makeup to just the simple foundation, blusher and lipstick.

Ever since using Suncoat's natural organic cosmetics, I find myself more willing to apply makeup when I go out with the family. Though still not as often as my mum would like me to, but more often than before.

The foundation goes on really smooth and doesn't feel clumpy and dry on the skin after application, which is a really nice feeling. It actually feels like you've got nothing on at all.

The liquid eye liner is natural and sugar-based, which means that instead of synthetic chemicals such as PVP and acrylate copolymers, Suncoat developed natural sugar biopolymers. The applicator is a latex tip, which allows for more defined application. It did take me some practice, since I'm not a person who uses makeup regularly. It goes on very smoothly and dries pretty fast. Though not water-resistant, it is smudge resistant and lasts for a whole day. It washes off with regular facial soap and water, which is the best part for me! Actually, the best part is that my eyes are not irritated by the eye liner at all.

The mascara pretty much has the same qualities as the liquid eye liner and I love using this product!

You really need to try these products from Suncoat to experience the benefits of using natural cosmetics that are kind to your skin.