The joys of teething!

My youngest son has just started teething, I reckon. Last week, he started dinging his tongue into his bottom gums and salivating like crazy. It was really funny seeing his mouth covered in bubbles too. With that and  coupled with the fact that he's now four months old, I figured that he's begun the teething process.

I gave it a few days of intense salivating, bubble blowing and funny facial expressions as he dug his tongue into his bottom gums, after which I decided to put on a Baltic Amber teething necklace that I had bought for him when he was 2 months old. After a couple more days, I noticed that he wasn't salivating as much, to the point that no more bubbles appeared around his mouth. Also, he was not digging his tongue as much too. Now, after a week of wearing the teething necklace, there is no more salvation and no more tongue digging too.

Simply amazing!