Flight to the UK from Singapore

Can I say......THANK YOU to gogo Babyz for the gogo Kidz Travelmate! I think the flight would have been a lot worse if we didn't decide to pay for a seat for our 22 month old daughter. 

We flew from Singapore to London, with a stopover in Dubai with Emirates and with the Travelmate, we were able to wheel her carseat through the airport effortlessly, at the same time acting as a stroller for our daughter too. That meant being able to check in our stroller so that we didn't have to hang around after arrival to wait for the stroller to be returned to us before we could proceed to immigration and baggage claim, which was what happened when we travelled to Hong Kong. 

The only thing was since our carseat was a little too wide to be wheeled through the aisle of the plane, we needed to carry it to the seat, but that was the only inconvenience. 

With a familiar place for our daughter to sit in, she managed to fall asleep with minimal fussing. Also, since she's at the age of putting everything she can get her hands on into her mouth, I felt more at ease with her sitting on her own carseat. At least I knew the crumbs on her carseat belonged to her and not someone else. Face it, with thousands and thousands of people sharing that same seat on the plane, dirt does accumulate, no matter how much they claim to clean the seats.

A tip if you are thinking of traveling with a carseat. Don't choose the bulkhead seats since the tables and TV come up from the arm rests. Depending on the carseat that you have, the tables and TV may not be able to pop up completely since the sides of the carseat prevent them from doing so.