Traveling with an allergy, especially to peanuts?

Our little girl, Leah had an immediate reaction to peanuts when I first introduced it to her when she was 14 months old. And since subsequent allergic reactions can be more serious and sometimes even fatal, we have kept her well away from all kinds of nuts so far - to be on the safe side. She's now 25 months old and we'll wait for a couple more months before we do a skin prick test at the hospital to see if it was just a one off reaction or if it's something serious - fingers crossed for the former!

Ever since her allergic reaction to peanuts, I have personally stopped consuming peanuts too - which is so hard since my favourite is a sandwich made with a thick layer of smooth creamy peanut butter....the thought of it is just making me drool already! 

Little Leah is so inquisitive about every little thing she picks up from the floors, chairs and tables and loves to pop them in her mouth to taste it, that the thought of flying to the UK on a plane that serves peanuts for snacks made me feel rather anxious. That was one of the main reasons for bringing her car seat along for the plane ride, and thanks to the gogo Kidz Travelmate, it wasn't a nightmare at all.

Since that trip, I wondered how other people who have children who suffer from peanut allergies deal with this situation, especially if their reaction involve anaphylactic shock and require a epipen handy. So I looked around and found a really great solution for them - Nice Seats.

Nice Seats is a seat cover that can go on seats on the plane, trains and even in the cinema. It's made of very comfy cotton material and comes in different shades and designs to suit most individuals. With Nice Seats, you can travel with children who suffer from nut allergies without worrying about them finding bits of peanuts left over from previous passengers and popping them into their mouth. 

Having a clean seat to spend hours on isn't such a dorky idea after all, especially if you think about the many thousands of people who have sat in that very same seat and the kind of stuff they got up to while sitting in that seat. I've seen parents change their baby's diaper on the seat, without a changing mat! That's unhygienic for the baby, and also they are potentially smearing poo on the seat. I've seen people sit with their dirty shoes on the seat - God only knows where those shoes have been and the kind of germs and bacteria they're carrying. I've seen children vomit on the seats too - wasn't pleasant on our noses after that, but think of the poor passenger who is going to sit on that very seat in the next flight....he'll be wondering where that weird smell was coming from - little does he know!

The next time I travel, I'll be using a Nice Seat! Will you?