A non-toxic cleanser for your dishes, fruits & vegetables

My blueberries and grapes have never been cleaner! That horrible white pesticide layer that can't seem to be washed off no matter how much soaking in water you do, comes off with a snap of your finders with IDOCARE Summer Citrus Dishwashing Liquid. It is simply amazing! All you do is squirt some dishwashing liquid directly onto the fruit in a water bowl and let it soak for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly with fresh water and enjoy! Or if you're anything like me and soaking is not your thing, then just rub the dishwashing liquid onto the fruit just like you're washing a dish! I'm lazy, I know! But not lazy enough to do my best to serve non-toxic food to my family.

Isn't that weird - the first thing that I'm telling you about a dishwashing liquid is that it washes your fruits (and vegetables) and rids them off pesticides? That's not what a dishwashing liquid is supposed to do.......BUT because IDOCARE's dishwashing liquid is made of ingredients that are plant based and is completely non-toxic, you can use it to wash your dishes, baby bottles and teats AND fruits and vegetables. Talk about getting your money's worth!

Even better is that the 500ml bottle of dishwashing liquid is actually so concentrated, you NEED to dilute it down with 5 equal parts of water - that means 500ml of concentrated dishwashing liquid = 2500ml of ready-to-use product. 

As for the grease removing power of this product - does the job for my family & I. Our dishes are left shiny and grease-less every time. If the grill or other dishes are too greasy, I simply use 2 drops of the concentrated product and voila - job done! PLUS, the scent is not your typical boring lemon scent. It's lime - I love limes! They are nice and refreshing and this scent does not seem artificial at all.

Finally, I really do trust this product since it's mom-invented and home grown. Also helps when I know the mummy behind this great product, but rest assured - she's got no idea that I'm writing this......well, maybe after I've posted it.

Thank you, IDOCARE- for such an awesome product!