How to clean your foldable water bottle?

Foldable water bottles have become somewhat very popular. If you don't know what it is - where have you been? ;) No, seriously. A foldable water bottle is an awesome bottle that you can fold up when not in use. Perfect for traveling and on-the-go! If you are one who cares about what goes in to your body and the environment, then you'd want to get a bottle that is BPA free.

BPA (Bisphenil A) is an industrial chemical used in plastics and canned food linings. You can read more about the dangers of BPA here.

Sip N' Go are BPA free foldable bottles that are made in USA. Perfect! So now you've found this awesome and useful bottle, but how do you actually clean it?

Here's my suggestion and this is exactly what I do.

Get one of those baby bottle brushes and the perfect dishwashing liquid for this job is IDOCARE's Summer Citrus. A couple of pumps of the diluted Summer Citrus solution and get that brush in the bottle and just clean away, then rinse. And since Summer Citrus is completely non-toxic, you can rest assured that there will be no chemical residues left in the bottle. Your bottle will be squeaky clean for your next outing. Not just for foldable water bottles, Summer Citrus is great and safe for your baby bottles too!