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Never miss a phone call again!

I am so excited about the latest product that I will be offering on my website! It's the texthookTM - a smartphone holder.

Why would you need a texthookTM, you might wonder?

Imagine this scenario:

You're out with your little baby and you're pushing the stroller along. You hear your phone ringing and you dig frantically into your diaper bag to reach for your phone. By the time you've located your phone, the ringing stops - you've missing a call yet again! You don't know who called because it was a withheld number. You walk around wondering who had just called you - was it just a marketing call from a bank or was it indeed your husband who has forgotten his mobile phone that day and you've been unable to get hold of?

Well, that has happened to me and I've always been horrible in answering phone calls - my family complains all the time! :) I've tried to keep my phone in an accessible area so that I can get to it when it rings, but the only place that I can keep my phone when I am wearing an outfit with no pockets, is the little pocket that is created when the stroller canopy is folded up. However, my darling daughter loves to, very frequently, pull open the canopy and send my phone flipping to the ground. My heart skips a beat as I stumble to the ground to check that my phone is still intact. I admit it - I am addicted to my phone!

That is why I'm so excited about the texthookTM! Finally, there will be a convenient and safe place for me to keep my phone and I will never miss another phone call again - unless of course I keep it on silent mode and don't see the screen light up when it rings.....ummmm...I wonder if there's a product out there for that!

There are so many uses for the texthookTM - hook it onto the handlebars of bicycles so you can easily access your smartphone for cycling apps, use it while on the treadmill and even on the shopping carts in the supermarket. You'll never have to be without your smartphone again!

The texthookTM is on it's way from the USA as I type and I'll let you know when it arrives!
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