Tear Mender

Tear Mender


Tear mender is an instant Fabric and Leather Adhesive that is non-toxic, eco-friendly, permanent, washproof and bonds in just 3 minutes!

Tear Mender is ideally suited for durable, long lasting and permanent bonds or repairs to items used both indoor and out. Tear Mender is water-proof, flexible, permanent, quick-drying, UV resistant, eco-friendly, non-toxic and acid-free.
The strongest repairs utilize a patch being applied to the underside of the damaged garment or item.

Shake well before use. Spread a thin layer of Tear Mender onto patch or the item being repaired. For thicker material, apply to both surfaces. Press the two surfaces together and allow to dry. On most fabrics, dries to usable bond in 3 minutes. Machine washable in 15 minutes. Leather, vinyl, or other non-breathable material may require up to 30 minutes for Tear Mender to cure. Best if used within 12 months of purchase.
Spot test when used on sheer or light fabrics.

NOTE: Tear Mender dries permanent and is not soluble. A little Tear Mender goes a long way so avoid applying excessive amounts. Not recommended for use on silk, sheer fabrics, high-content polyester fabrics, or nylon.

Flood with water immediately. If adhesive remains, try DETACHOL (medical adhesive remover) or dry cleaning.

Tear Mender is made from renewable resources and has minimal impact to the environment.

Keep out of reach of children. While Tear Mender harmlessly rubs off fingers and non-porous surfaces, this product contains natural latex and may cause allergic reaction.

60ml, Made in USA