The WineSkin bottle transport bag is the safe and secure way to transport wine anywhere. Never worry about bottles leaking or breaking inside your luggage or shipment. 

Simply insert the bottle into the WineSkin, then peel the inner seal and compress it against the protective outer vinyl covering. Then form-fit the balance of the WineSkin around the base of the 750ml bottle and peel and stick the outer seal. 

Two per package. For one-time use.


Product Features:

  • The go-anywhere, ship-anywhere bottle enclosure with the leak-proof seal
  • Made of a tough, flexible and durable bubble-wrap plastic with sealed seams all around
  • A dual-strip sealing system that provides a leak-proof lock against liquid loss in the event of breakage
  • Designed to accommodate virtually every 750ml wine or fortified spirit bottle available on the market
  • Helps to protect bottles of wine or spirits packed in your luggage when you travel
  • Protect gifts of wine that you ship to friends and family
  • Also for shipping wine via parcel delivery services like UPS and FedEx in combination with standard packing materials