IDOnMe - ID Bracelets

725 Designs LLC


The Patented ID On Me Bracelet features a comfortable, lightweight design in a variety of colors and waterproof Information Inserts that can be easily updated for travel, or as personal conditions or situations change.



These ID bracelets are great for:

  • Children. Many parents appreciate the peace of mind that comes with their children wearing the ID On Me bracelet, especially when traveling. Even when a lost or injured child is identified, contacting family members can be a slow and difficult process. With ID On Me, the information is instant!
  • Recreational Sports people. Participation in recreational sports like walking, jogging/running and cycling is increasing. Unfortunately, accidents involving recreational sports are prevalent and increasing in number and having personal identification and medical information on you can save your life in an accident or emergency situation. We know that carrying conventional identification is inconvenient during sports, therefore ID On Me bracelets are ideal for keeping medical and family contact information close for when it is needed.



The insert is waterproof and a permanent marker should be used so information will never be lost.

Available Colour Options:







Purple Red Silver