PuppyMoo Glitter Tattoo Stencils



These 2 x 2 inches self-adhesive vinyl stencils provide a means to easily apply body glue and glitter to create awesome glitter tattoos.

 Simply peel back the stencil backing, apply the stencil to a clean area of skin and finally peel back the transparent front. What you're left with is a clean-cut stencil to apply PuppyMoo Body Glue and PuppyMoo Body Glitter.

These stencils are for one-time use only. 

Made in USA


Please refer to this page for all stencil designs that we carry. You can simply email your stencil orders to contact@fantasticfindonline.com with the stencil code and the number of stencils required. There is a minimum of 5 stencils per design.