Concentrated Laundry Detergent



One 1kg box is good for 30 full loads! Wonderful for both Front load and Top load machines, our Concentrated Laundry Detergent dissolves quickly and completely for a clean wash. With outstanding stain removal power, a fresh Lavender scent, yet eco-friendly, your clothes will look and feel great.

  • Outstanding stain removal power
  • Keeps whites remaining white, and brightens colours
  • Natural anti-redisposition agent stops dirt from reattaching to your clothes
  • Antibacterial agent eliminates germs and bacteria
  • Anti-odour formulation makes it suitable for indoor drying and overnight pre-soaking
  • Not tested on animals
  • Antirust ability lengthens the lifespan of machines

  • Low suds which make it great for both Front load and Top load machines
  • NPE free
Paraben free

  • Phosphate free

  • Plant based ingredients
  • No optical brightners


Do not pour directly onto clothes, instead put the powder into the assigned compartment of your washing machine. Simply mix ¾ scoop in the water for 1 full load. For overnight soaking to treat stubborn stains, or for hand-washing, allow powder detergent to fully dissolve in water before adding clothes.

Our Detergent comes in a box with a convenient flip-top, making it a cinch to use


Plant based fatty alcohol ethoxylate, Sodium carbonate, Sodium metasilicate, Sodium perborate monohydrate, Sodium sukphate, Enzyme protease. Biocides: Hydrooxydihlorodiphenyl ether & Alkyl diamethyl bezyl ammonium chloride. Scent: Lavender