Mother's Corn

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Made from PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) that is extracted from corn starch, Mother's Corn ware is stronger than conventional plastics and possess no harm to the environment as it is totally biodegradable. It is the best replacement to conventional plastics.

Why choose Mother's Corn products?

  • SAFE

1. BPA Free
Made of corn and free from dangerous ingredients, Mother's Corn ware can be used to serve hot food without the worry that toxic chemicals will leak into the food. It is even safe enough for babies to suck and chew on.

2. Using Non-Toxic Ink
Non-toxic ink, certified by an accredited agency is used on Mother's Corn products.

In order to ensure further safety for children, designs are not printed where food and drink come in contact.


1. Durability
Mother's Corn products are very durable and not easily broken when dropped.