Superpowers Style Zoloworld Protective Action Figure Case (Bulk pricing available)

Fantastic Find By PuppyMoo


Zoloworld Protective case (Superpowers Style) 

Quality Clamshell that can be used with multiple action figure lines:
* Kenner Super Powers
* Hasbro WWF (Single figures)
* Toy Biz Marvel Super Heroes
* Toy Biz DC Superheroes
* Galoob Star Trek
* Nickelodeon TMNT
* LJN Small Carded AD&D
* Walking Dead Series 1 and 2
* Kenner Robin Hood
* Mattel MOTU Meteorb
* Hard sturdy case design
* Hardened bubble area protects blister
* Keeps the backer card flat and helps to avoids curling
* Additional area added to the bottom of the case allowing extra protection for the lower portion of the card
* Great For Displaying on the wall or in a display case, as the case also has feet
* Perfect for Storage with unique bubble design
Case Measurements:
Card Slot Dimensions- 197mm(W) x254mm(H) (7 3/4"(W) x10"(H) )
Bubble Dimensions- 165mm(W)x165mm(H)x63.5mm(D) (6 1/2"(W)x6 1/2"(H)x2 1/2"(D))
Bulk Pricing Available:
1-29 pcs: SGD 8.20/pc
30-49 pcs: SGD 7.40/pc
50-99 pcs: SGD 7.00/pc
100+ pcs: SGD 6.70/pc