Glitter Tattoo Instructions

1) Clean the skin with 70% methylated spirit. This is optional, but will remove body oil and dirt from the skin and allow the glitter tattoo to last longer.

2) Remove the backing of the Glitter Tattoo stencil.

3) Apply the stencil to the skin and make sure the stencil is flat on the skin with no bumps.

4) Remove the top layer of the stencil, ensuring the stencil remains flat on the skin.

5) Apply a very thin layer of PuppyMoo Body Glue onto the inside of the stencil. Make sure the body glue does not go too much beyond the stencil image otherwise, you may peel the whole glitter tattoo off along with the stencil at the end. Furthermore, you can save body glue this way.

6) Apply PuppyMoo Body Glitter with a brush. Go crazy and use a few colours!

7) Press down on the glitter tattoo with your fingers to ensure a strong contact and peel back the stencil.

8) Voila! Your have just created a stunning glitter tattoo!