The Company

The Truth Behind the Name

It's pretty simple really. My first born was in the year of the Dog and we've been calling him our little "Puppy". Then, our second child was born in the year of the Cow. I really wanted an unusual name for my company, and wanted to incorporate the 2 of them into the name since they are the main reason why I started my business. After lots of weird names that I managed to come up with, I decided on PuppyMoo. 

Our 3rd baby was not born yet, so unfortunately didn't make it to the company name. Maybe in the future!

What we do

PuppyMoo imports products that are of “fantastic find” quality, which are not readily available in our Singaporean market. Currently, products are imported from Australia, USA, UK and Canada.

We support and are moving towards focusing on products that are eco-friendly, mom-invented and as much as possible, products that are produced in fair-trade environments.

All products are sold online at Fantastic Find By PuppyMoo and a selected few in retail stores as well.