Nice Seats

Nice Seats


Introducing your own cool & clean seat covers, which work on seats everywhere - on planes, trains and even movie theaters.


Easy to use, easy to keep clean. 

• Similar to a fitted sheet – elastic corners make for easy use on seats of all shapes & sizes.
• Takes only seconds to put on and take off with no trouble to those around you.
• Machine washable for easy care – wash in cold and tumble try.


• Reduces exposure to germs and potential bed bugs by completely covering all of the upholstered seat.
• Great for people with allergies including allergy to peanuts.
• Make seats clean and more fun for kids.
• Reversible pouch serves as storage space for personal items so you don’t leave them behind.
• Includes matching eye shade and pillow case, except for
the Jet Age Print where the eye masks are in Basic Black.