MOTU Style Zoloworld Protective Action Figure Case (Bulk pricing available)

Fantastic Find By PuppyMoo


Zoloworld Protective case (MOTU Style) 

Quality Clamshell that can be used with multiple action figure lines:
* Mattel Masters of the Universe (MOTU)
* Mattel Secret Wars
* Remco MOC
* Zoloworld Realm of the Underworld
* Harder case than previous versions based on fan demand
* Protects your investment
* Designed to flatten backer cards for storage
* Hardened bubble area protects blister from damage
* Great For Displaying on the wall or in a display case, as the case also has feet
Case Measurements:
Inside dimensions are 11.5"L x 6.25"W x 2.5" (Bubble depth)
Bulk Pricing Available:
1-24 pcs: SGD 8.20/pc
25-49 pcs: SGD 7.40/pc
50-74 pcs: SGD 6.80/pc
75-99 pcs: SDG 6.70/pc
100+ pcs: SGD 6.60/pc